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    1. Welcome

    2. Define Your Target Audience

    3. Develop a Business Mindset

    1. Curate Your Portfolio

    2. Social Media Introduction

    3. Finding Clients

    1. Finances

    2. Legal Advice

    3. How to Create Passive Income

    4. How to Become Profitable

    5. More financial tips

    1. Kick start a project

    2. Resources: Project Management tools

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About this course

  • $129.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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What you will learn

Success doesn’t happen overnight but with the right tools, methods and resources it’s not rocket science to build a growing freelance business as a creative. This class will guide you through the basics of business design for your own business.

  • Defining your business values and your vision, analyzing your target audiences and how to find them

  • Setting up your finances, invoicing, and legal aspects, defining different income stream & passive income and what to include in a contract

  • How to kick start a project and how does the process of onboarding new clients look like, how to present yourself online on Social Media with Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok

Your workbook

This class comes with a workbook in 2 versions: print out version in black and white and a digital workbook for your tablett

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