Course curriculum

Learn everything you need to know about designing case studies for your UX Portfolio

    1. Getting Started

    2. What do you need

    3. Class outline

    4. Introduction

    1. What is a UX case study?

    2. Choosing work to showcase

    3. Examples

    4. The Power of Storytelling

    5. Turn Your Project into a Case Study

    6. Create an Outline

    7. Watch me work

    1. Introducing Your Project

    2. Background Information

    3. Your Process

    4. Research

    5. The Concept

    6. The Design

    7. User Testing

    8. Deliverables and Outcome

    9. The Concept

    1. Visuals

    2. Design Your Layout

    3. Images

    4. Icons

    5. Typography

    6. Designing Mock-ups

    7. Creating Videos

    8. Animating Your Mock-ups

    1. Where to Host Your Portfolio

    2. Behance

    3. About Section

    4. Social Media

    5. How to find Clients

    6. About Sec

About this course

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Meet your instructor for this class

Patricia Reiners

Senior UX Designer

I'm a Senior Innovation Designer and a YouTuber with over 40k followers on Instagram. She is working freelance with many clients from all around the world like Adobe, Google, BMW or Vodafone. She has been sharing content for the last 3 years about UX design, tech, and other career-related topics to make design education much easier and future driven.

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